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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fisher Price Little People

Does anyone recognize these faces?
They are the Fisher Price people from my childhood. I used to have the school house and my cousin had the farm. Well, Fisher Price has modernized them and calls them “Little People”. We bought the small version of the farm for Sofia. We thought it was time for her to have little doll-type characters to play with and it’s something simple without lights or sounds. What I really like about it is that it came with a free Fisher Price Little People DVD. The DVD, “Discovering Animals”, has five different animated stories starring the Little People characters. The DVD can be seen in English, Español, or French! The audio uses native speakers and is well-written. So, although we don’t allow Sofía to really watch La Caja Mágica, (the Magic Box) as we call it, the DVD will be nice to use for extension activities with her playtime. Since the DVD is about animals, we can watch it and talk about it after reading a book about animals or playing with the farm. When our friend Kata comes to visit we can also put in the DVD in French so that Sofía can watch the French version with a French speaker. We like to expose her to various language sounds while she still possesses the ability to differentiate between all the sounds. The whole toy set with the DVD cost less than $20. 


  1. I can't believe they got away calling it "little people". But yes, we had the farm, house and some kind of playground because I remember a swing set and seesaw.

  2. Actually, if you go on their website, they give you the history of where the name came from etc...really from customers. The site is kind of cool because you can type in a year and it will show you what they series looked like at that time.