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La Mother Tongue is my medium to share the joys and challenges of being a new parent as well as to share how we make a conscious effort in our daily life to bring baby up bilingual.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Circus is in Town!

We gave Sofía a new toy for her birthday. It’s a circus tren! It is supposed to help her learn how to coordinate her legs to scoot around and the back can be used as a walker. She LOVES to push the buttons and dance to the circus music. She’s not so big on scooting yet though! The tren is coincidently another Fisher Price item. I swear we should buy stock in Fisher Price and Proctor & Gamble (the makers of Pampers Diapers)!


  1. Hi! I'm writting you from Spain, it's awesome what you are doing for your little gata. I'd like to raise my children bilingual, when the time comes...but I'm concerned about my language ability. Anyway, keep it up. If you'd like to know anything in spanish you can email me at tilsa13@hotmail.com
    (seguiré leyendo vuestras aventuras, saludos)