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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Un Día en el Parque con Papi

Sofía and her Papi spent Saturday afternoon together. Just the two of them. Alone. No Mami. I went to a baby shower and since it was Saturday, Sofía got to spend the afternoon with her Papi. This doesn’t happen much. I’m a stickler about spending as much time together as a family, so I normally don’t go anywhere without the other two on the weekends. We do everything together, well, as much as we can, because I think that we spend the majority of the time apart. If I need to do something that I can’t do with Sofía, I try to do it when la Abuela comes to stay with Sofía because when Papi is home, that is our family time. But this one time, I went somewhere by myself and the other two stayed home together. They sent me a foto!

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