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Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Barrio is Changing!

A very strange thing happend in our barrio. The neighbors on either side of our house have just sold their houses!  We live on a private drive of 6 houses. The kids play in the street and the neighbors always come out and chit-chat as they supervise their children. We never took advantage of this time before Sofía of course, but now, we are out there many times a day even before the others get home from school. So two of our neighbors are leaving us!  We loved our neighbors. I don’t know how many people can say that, but our relations were good. Today is the closing on one house and in three weeks it will be on the other. Today, we will have new neighbors and we hear they have a daughter close to Sofía’s age. (I saw them one day!) We are so sad to see our other neighbors move, but hope that our new ones will be just as sweet and that Sofía will start a life-long friendship with a new friend. Amazingly, even with the moves, our barrio will still be uniquely diverse. Right now we have Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Peruvian, Indian, and Gringos. We hear that the new people will be Asian-Gringo and African. Pretty cool!

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