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Thursday, April 29, 2010

El Casco

One of our neighbors who is moving so graciously gave us her baby bike seat for Sofía. I was tan emocionada!! We took Sofía to get fit for a bike casco. She cried and didn’t want to have the casco on her head. Yesterday as I was preparing her to go out for a ride, the neighbor niños were out with their bikes and cascos! ¡Perfecto! I took Sofía out to see her amigos and their cascos. It worked. She put her casco on and fussed later (signing hat) when I went to take it off! I took front and back fotos of her because she looks soooo funny and cute! She looks like one of those cartoon aliens with the heads larger than the bodies! As you can see, she (and everyone else) kept their cascos on even when they were not on their bikes!


  1. Ola, Casco - where are you taking Sofia?

    Very cute Elizabeth! When are you going for a bikeride? We Dutch also like to bicycle!

  2. That picture is HILARIOUS! I would love to take Sofia everywhere on the bike, but I have to build up my strength little by little. My goal is to be able to reach the wholefoods by your house!

  3. Ha,....no strength here....that would be my goal as well!!
    We now have a minvan by the way, so If you want to go out somewhere, we can pack everybody in one car and go!