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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Capando Trabajo

My husband decided that he needed to capar trabajo, skip work, on Friday to be with his Gatas. Yes, I am the Gata Mayor of course! He really didn’t SKIP trabajo because he actually took the day off….but for us it was the same! So it was a day of for Mami y Papi and Mami, Papi y Sofía. My suegra always comes on Fridays to stay with Sofía for a couple of hours, so Papi and I went to breakfast all by ourselves. We also snuck off to the stone place to pick out stones for the patio that he is going to install (those will be fun fotos for me, not for him. It will literally be back breaking for him.). Then in the afternoon, we went to the park that we LOVE! Clemyjontri. Sofía even found some other español-speaking friends! It is very easy to do at that park as there are always people from all parts of the mundo. Sofía hates the swings but loves to go down the slide!

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