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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Huevo Hunt

We held an Easter brunch at our house for some family and friends. Marnix and his family came over even though they have a new baby that isn’t even two weeks old!! There were a few other kiddies as well. After brunch, the little ones went out in the back yard hunting for Huevos! Sofía and Marnix were THRILLED to be outside and THRILLED to share their huevos back and forth!  Sofía had to change out of her Easter dress so that she could roll around in the grass!
A cultural side note:  Now you will be able to find some US commercial Easter things such as chocolate bunnies and huevos in various parts of Latin America.  It was not very common less than ten years ago.  The idea of the Easter Bunny and hunting for huevos doesn't exist in Latin America, to my knowledge.  If there are some things, then they have been brought from the US, but are not culturally specific to that region. 

Here is something that was in the Easter basket that Los Abuelos gave to Sofía!

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