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Friday, January 7, 2011

Uno Dos

Sofía’s friend gave her a libro for Navidad.  The libro is her friend’s favorite. 

Now it is Sofía’s favorite libro too.  She wants to read it several times in one sitting.  One night she wouldn’t read any other book except for her libro which she calls, Uno Dos.  Sofía can say and sometimes count, (but not always count) uno y dos.  If you count to cuatro, she will say “cinco” after it.  What she CAN do is identify the number 1.  She can differentiate between letters and numbers also.  When she sees numbers written down, she begins to count.  Today when she was reading Uno Dos to me, she flipped the page to this one. 

She pointed to the number 1 and said, "Uno", and then touched the mariquita and counted, “Uno”.  She was very proud of herself!

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