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Friday, January 14, 2011

Papi Has a Potty Mouth

And it seems to be worse right when he gets home from work.  The transition from Office to Home with Toddler must be rough.  I keep gently reminding him when things slip from his mouth….I wince and wait and sure enough, Sofía repeats them.  He brushes them off like it is really no big deal.  Usually they are in Inglés too.  But not always.  One of his favorite things to say is (jump over this if you will be offended…..) “¡A la Puta!”.  Evidently he says it QUITE frequently.  During New Years Day dinner at his parents’ house, my DARLING husband emphatically says, “A la …..” and intended to trail off.  His sentence was finished by Sofía.  And then she repeated the entire thing matching his enthusiasm.  There was complete silence, my eyeballs jumped out of my head.  A quick glance around and jaws are open in astonishment followed by a HUGE roar of laughter.  Sofía thought it was funny too.  Now I have witnesses. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this funny anecdote! As a non-native speaker of French, I've had to brush up on my attenuated-swear-words-that-are-appropriate-to-say-around-the-toddler. Always learning!