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Monday, January 10, 2011


It’s hard to incorporate prayer time with an infant or toddler. We used to read Sofía some of the stories out of La Biblia (en Español of course) until it became a little disturbing (people started killing each other off and were a bit violent.) Recently I found this little beauty at Barnes and Nobles.

It is a board book with prayers for different occasions (morning, naptime, Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving), all written specifically for little tykes. I really, really like it a lot and we read an oración to Sofía at least once a day. The language is simple, authentic AND it rhymes (an important phonemic awareness pre-reading tidbit)—very well translated. It is published by Scholastic and I’m sure the original was written in English. (I would check right now except that Sofía is sleeping and the book is in her room!) She really likes the book a lot and can point to the picture and identify and say “Jesús”!

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