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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sofía Eats Phở for the First Time

The county where we live outside of Washington DC is famed to having one of the most diversified school district in the country (It is also the eleventh largest in la USA.).  So it is no wonder that there is a very large Vietnamese community here.  And you know, where there are ethnic communities, there is FOOD!  I must say, I had never even heard of Ph (pronounced almost like FA  in Do Re Mi Fa So la Ti Do) before meeting my husband.  Ph is aVietnamese rice noodle soup usually served with beef and one can add basil, lime bean sprouts, and hot peppers to taste.  As it turned out, while I was pregnant with Sofía, I went through about three weeks in the first trimester where I ate NOTHING but Ph.  So I suppose it is no wonder that Sofía liked her first taste test of Ph.  (Or maybe it was the chopsticks, who knows?)

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