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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wierd Toddler Behavior II

Well, this isn’t a WEIRD toddler behavior but one I don’t like. Sofía has started to hit or slap when she can’t have her way. The problem is that I don’t know where she learned it from. We don’t slap her or hit her bottom or even pretend to slap her or the table in front of her. We don’t even have to stop ourselves….not once…NEVER, NUNCA, JAMÁS! How can I possibly justify spanking a 16 month old? And how could I ever think that spanking her would teach her to not spank or hit others? The closest thing to a “slap” that I think she has been exposed to is Fulanito, the gato, moving his paw to play with her—it kind of looks like he is hitting her with his paw, no claws out. My husband thinks it is an instinct. I don’t know and haven’t researched it either. I don’t like it.

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