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Friday, June 25, 2010

Viaje en Avión

Here is Sofía on her first viaje en avión, trip in an airplane! My husband had business in California so we decided to tag along and make it a little family vacation. Sofía had never been en un avión before. We didn’t really know what to expect, but she was really good. She did have some weak moments but considering that we woke her up three hours early to go to the aeropuerto and then she went without a nap and was hungry, it was ok. We hauled the car seat on the avión which meant that we had to get some stroller thing to move it around the aeropuerto. When we touched ground at LAX, my husband swore up and down that we wouldn’t take that thing again. It was quite a pain and didn’t leave Sofía with much room, but she was safe!!

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