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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pampers- Día UNO

Our family has been a die-hard pampers fan since we tried a cheaper Huggies and it leaked all over. I tried to convince my husband to buy stock in Proctor and Gamble and he thought I was kidding. Lately, there has been much scandal about the new Pampers pañales, diapers, with Dry Max. As many of you may be aware, there are have been many reports of blistery burns and rashes and many angry parents joining together on facebook and anywhere else they can. Up until now, we have managed to avoid using the new pañal, but alas the supply of the old has run dry. I have decided to document my experience with the new pañal to see how it goes.
So yesterday was Día Uno with the new Pampers pañales with Dry Max. First off, I noticed how slim and flimsy the new pañal is. The new is made in a different shade of purple so that you can tell the difference from the old one. (Personally I don’t like the new shade, but really who cares, right?) I suppose I should preface my documentation with the fact that I monitor Sofía’s food intake like a hawk. She is technically underweight, but thriving in every other area both physically and developmentally, so I have learned to not be so paranoid…or am learning! ;) What I do monitor carefully is her liquid consumption. Although she has about 5 wet pañales a day, she, on most days, does not drink even 5 ounces of liquid. The majority of her liquids come from the actual food that she consumes and that counts according to my MD. (She is not dehydrated at least.) Sofía has never had a rash (Gracias a Díos) or a leak of any kind. With the old pañales, we changed Sofía every three hours unless we noticed she was wet beforehand, and although one could notice it wet, it was never “full” or exploding. With the new pañales, we have to change her every two hours. This makes sense because the pañal is considerably thinner than the old. She seems to be equally dry to the touch as the previous pañal, so this is not a problem…just a note to self, that she needs to be changed more frequently. Every time I changed her, I was very careful to inspect if there were any noticeable changes in her skin and there were none-Gracias a Díos! Sofía sleeps with a Pampers Baby Dry pañales during the night and according to the Pampers website, these pañales do not have Dry Max. So Día UNO has been a welcomed uneventful día in the world of Sofía’s new pañales with Dry Max.


  1. Hey Elizabeth!

    I’m LaToya from Pampers. I just came across your blog. I’m trying to learn a little Spanish and yours was one that popped up. Anyway, I saw that you tried our new Cruisers with Dry Max. I’m glad you decided to try them! I use them with my son and he absolutely loves them. Since they’re thinner he is able to move more freely. Even though they are thinner they are still as absorbent as the previous ones. I’m happy the change is going well for you guys. Little Sofia is so adorable!

  2. Hola LaToya! Thanks for contacting me and visiting us during our experiment! I am a little bummed that Pampers removed my comment from their Facebook wall as I am just trying to be helpful and document my experience with a new product—there is a lot of negativity going on there. Oh well. Thanks for visiting and Buena suerte with el Español!

  3. Oh I'm sorry Elizabeth. I'm not sure of what may have happened. If you posted a link or something along those lines it violated the terms and conditions of the page. We love to hear positive experiences, so if you would like, you can comment again, just don't include a link. I hope that helps!