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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can This Really Be Starting ALREADY?

The other day, I was dressing Sofía and she looked at the camisa I wanted to put on her and she started to fuss. It seemed like she didn’t like the camisa, but I thought I was imagining it. Then when I slipped the camisa on her head and before I could pass her arms through the holes, she had whipped it off her head, all the while throwing a little bit of a fit. I looked at her and asked her if she liked the camisa. She shook her head “No.” I thought maybe she didn’t understand me, so I tried the whole process again. The same thing happened. I then pulled out a purple camisa and asked her which camisa she liked. She pointed to the purple camisa. To my PURE amazement, she let me put the purple camisa over head easily. I was dumbfounded! Can a 16 month old really be in to la moda, fashion, ALREADY? I thought she just didn’t really care….but HA…alas; she is a Mini-Me!

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  1. Jeje Buena Suerte! This won't change at all I'm sorry to say. Honeslty I find it easier to show them each 2 shirts and ask which one they would like to wear. This gives ME a chance to make them look like a parent dressed them and it gives THEM a choice. Doesn't work all of the time - but most times. :)