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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

La Cuchara

As I explained earlier, on Sunday, we celebrated my husband’s cousin’s birthday at a Peruvian restaurante. We decided to make her cupcakes. She is going into her second year at University and plays on the Field Hockey Team, so we made little hockey sticks out of fondant and wrote her jersey number on them. They weren’t perfect, but they were cute and she seemed to be really appreciative our efforts.

There was also a cake for her and the waitress brought out plates and cucharas, spoons, for the cake. In my experience in Latin America, again, not sure about España basically because I can’t remember, desserts are eaten with a cuchara and not a fork. I know this must also happen in many other countries as well because we when we went to Sofía’s friend’s birthday, the Polish mother gave us cucharas to eat our cake. In our house, when we remember our roots and don’t succumb to our environment, we serve our cake with cucharas, but sometimes we just plain ole forget!

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