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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pampers- DÍA TRES

Día Tres has also been a rash free día for Sofía in her new Pampers pañales with Dry Max. I recently read on Pampers Facebook wall and then did my own research, that Pampers was able to make the new Dry Max much thinner by increasing the amount of absorbent gel and eliminating the bulk material. Sounds to me like there is more gel and more contact of the gel with the skin. Could this combination be a problem for some children? I don’t know….that’s not my department! Ask me about language acquisition! Ha ha ha!! Although Sofía has had no problems, (Gracias a Díos!), if I had been polled ahead of time, I would have choosen to have less skin contact with less gel. The new Dry Max pañal is absorbent and thin, but between the two pañales, I really liked the old one better. It is not enough to cause me to change to another brand, but if I could choose between with Dry Max and without, I would choose without. The two reasons are the following: I thought that the old pañales were really thin to being with. I liked the combination of the bulk with the gel. I know this sounds strange, but here is why. With the new Dry Max, although it is absorbent, not leaky, and dry to the skin, one can notice the coagulation of the liquid much easier with the Dry Max. I don’t like this. That is why I feel like I need to change Sofía every two hours. I equate it with a maxi pad, which I only wore after I gave birth because well, you know, you CAN’T use tampons! You are dry, there are no leaks, but you can feel the heaviness of the gathering of liquid and feel the need to change more frequently. One thing that I do notice with the Dry Max and let’s say thinner, more absorbent maxi pads are that although you are not touching the liquid directly that has been absorbed, there is some kind of barrier that is formed that causes more moisture to form, allowing less breathing to take place. I don’t know if the extra bulk took care of this issue or not, but this is what I notice with Sofía. Es la vida….DÍA TRES has been without incident also!

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