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Monday, July 9, 2012

Verano Fun Coverage Restaurante Review # 2 OeGadGib

Verano Fun Coverage
Restaurante Review # 2 OeGadGib Korean BBQ
So we have been indulging in trying new restaurantes this Verano, but I’ve become a little slack about posting them!

Mi esposo was so excited to try out this new all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurante, so we went on a busqueda for the place in what I call the “Little Seul” of Northern Virginia.  I’ve been to Seul and thoroughly enjoyed the food, so I was excited to share the experience with the esposo and Sofía.  Unfortunately we were disappointed.  The local was small, but throw in that it was dingy and I was turned off, but tried to keep an open mind.  (Some of the best food I’ve eaten has not been in a passing health inspection establishment!)  But it also wasn’t the cleanest place either.  What really bothered me though was the BBQ aspect of it.  If you ordered the all-you-can-eat BBQ, (which everyone at the table was required to do) then little grilling burners were brought to your table and you basically cooked your own food.  (It was not like at the old Hibatchi Japans where you had a skilled chef to cook the food for you.) The grill was so close to our bare arms (less than 12 inches) that I was burned with splattering oil the entire dinner.  I tried to shield Sofía from it the best I could.  So not only was I burned, I had to cook my own food……hmm…2 things I could have done at home for free!  When the waitress saw me jump the first time I was splattered, her comment was, “It only hurts for a moment and people still come back for more!” Also, with the grill attached to our table, it made it nearly impossible to get up from our booth and it also left a very compromisingly small area to even pass by.  Although almost every family there had young children, I wouldn't rate OeGadGib very Kid-Friendly.

The food was OK.  It was not the best Korean cuisine I’ve had in Metropolitan D.C. It was really disappointing. The dinner started with a sopa, a concept which I really like.
The portions were very modest which I liked (no wasting food) and certainly you could really eat all you wanted. The ensalada was delicioso as well as the arroz, but the carne was a bit fatty and drenched in oil—very contrary to the food I experienced in Seul.
 The wait staff was very good.  They were pleasant and helpful in investigating our allergy questions.  But they were very, very busy and it was hard to get their attention.  Their rush made us feel like we were being cattle prodded out of the restaurante so that they could make room for more customers.  (Know a Latino who doesn’t like to gozar a meal?)
Lastimamente, we were very bummed by OeGadGib because we had heard many good reviews.  We will have to search for a different place to fill our antojos the next time they arise. Hopefully the next establishment will at least have a website!

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