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Friday, July 13, 2012

Juego de Colores Con Papi

Sofía and her Papi created a new juego to play outside with chalk.  If you missed our Number Juego in Chalk, you can check it out HERE on SpanglishBaby  All you need is some space, a ball, and chalk.

Papi drew two lines of identical colored sqaures (large enough to stand in).  The person with the ball calls out a color and both people run to that color square in within his or her respective line of squares.  The person with the ball throws the ball to the other person from that color and the other person must receive the ball in that color.  It is a lot of running around and coordination.  You can jazz the juego up anyway you like to make it more or less challenging.  Sofía seems to like to change the rules a lot according to mi espsoso.  And she LOVES the to play it with her Papi!

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