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Monday, July 30, 2012

Búsqueda de Bichos

Sofía LOVES bugs.  Although I’m not particularly a huge fan of them, I’m really glad that she has taken to things that help her receive a well-balanced education.  (Math and Sciences are screaming for more female representation in la USA.)  In earlier posts, I have written about the fantástico party favors that Sofía’s amiga Victoria gives out at her fiesta de cumpleaños.  Well, one that I didn’t document was Victoria’s first cumpleaños.  Among the bag of goodies that we received was a bug carrier with tweezers. 
We have collected bichos before, but evidently our simple bucket didn’t make it nearly as exciting as the fancy bug carrier---and the tweezers of course.  (These are super important to Sofía... and well, to me too because I didn’t really want to touch any of them!)
We found some really cool things both bichos and non-bicho.  Of course we had to categorize them on a tabla also.  This is a really great actividad to involve everyone in the familia (and barrio because Sofía took the bichos to our neighbor’s house to show them too!) and get outside paying more attention to Nature. 

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