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Saturday, July 7, 2012


In all my travels to various cities and countries around the mundo, I always find a Biblia in every room.  Why?  I can’t even find an answer on the internet.  I found the history of who started it and when and why it was started – Thank You Gideons and the International Bible Society for starting your Evangelical practices in 1823. But what I don’t understand is WHY Biblias have continued to be placed in current hotel rooms.  It doesn’t bother me, just a mystery.  I wonder what non-Christian hotel users think about the practice; are there never complaints? 
Anyway, Sofía became very interested in the Bibias in our hotel room during our trip to the playa.  What she liked the most was the sound the thin silky páginas made as they were being turned.  She asked her Papi to read from those páginas to her every night.  So Papi began “reading” her historietas, making up short personalized stories about Sofía’s adventures each day.  Narcissistic as any three-year-old, she couldn’t get enough of the historietas and begged for más, y más, y más. 

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