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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mi Primer Corte de Pelo

Cartoon Cuts.  It is all new to me and if I didn’t have a child who freaked out about the thought of having someone cut her hair, I would have scoffed at this place!  But I’m a believer!  The bright colors and fun decorations helped keep Sofía in the door, the video concept was a curiosity, but the wonderfully patient peluquera is the real reason we were able to get a trim.  The woman was great with Sofía and obviously had lots of experience with children who didn’t want anything to do with the shears.  She snuck the trim in while I was holding Sofía who was captivated by Dora. 
Two thumbs up for them!  We’ll definitely be going back there---unlike our very unpleasant experience at the Odontólogo!

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