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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dora and Shakira

Did you know that Dora has grown up?  Maybe you all did, but it was a surprise to me when Sofía found this video on YouTube (Yes, Sofía found it all by herself—great parental supervision was going on evidently!) Anyway, I’ve been wanting to introduce Shakira to Sofía for a while now and somehow this fell into my hands!  Really, what is not to love about Shakira! (Now that she’s cleaned up her act a bit!)  You can read all about her great Philanthropic ventures here, --there are too many for me to talk about in this little post!  But I will highlight that she is all about Education for All.  She has a foundation, Pies Descalzos, which has built schools around Colombia and other countries as well.  I can comfortably say that she shares the same values about Education as many of us and it is inspiring! I’m also SUPER thrilled that Sofía and Shakira share the same cumpleaños!  

Well, evidently Shakira teamed up with Dora and created an excelente video to help niños understand the concept of helping others.  Although I’m bummed that the video is in Inglés, I’m really thrilled that it exists!   

The Video is broken up into 4 parts…..although if you have YouTube Downloader, you can save it all together in one place!

¡Cuidado…the tune is pegajoso!

Todos Juntos:  Shakira y Dora Parte 1 de 4

Todos Juntos:  Shakira y Dora Parte 2 de 4

Todos Juntos: Shakira y Dora Parte 3 de 4

Todos Juntos: Shakira y Dora Parte 4 de 4

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