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Thursday, March 15, 2012

іFeliz Aniversario!

Would you say “I do” all over again? 

I would in a heartbeat!  Well, in my case, I said, “Sí” because we got married in Lima, Perú and I would DEFINITELY do that again!  For the last two years on our aniversario, I posted about how much fun our Culinary Wedding Weekend was for us and our familia and amigos. (At least that is what they tell us anyway!)  You can read all about the Boda and Video Synopsis, Hacienda, Culinary Extravaganza, and the Pachamanca by clicking on each respective link.
This year, mi esposo took the day off again so that we could celebrate our aniversario as a familia. We went out to breakfast together, played in the pool (yes because it was almost as hot in D.C. as it was in Lima four years ago!), ate lunch at Sofía’s favorite hang out and then the Novios dined together at the exquisito Blue Duck Tavern.

This past year, we went to Lima and Sofía was able to actually see the iglesia where we were married as well as the restaurante where we held our reception.  So with another year under her belt, the pictures, videos, and visits helped her understand our Special Day (as we explained it to her) un poco más.  Her comment?  Today I’m going to get married to Mami and Papi too!
Every día I think about how I would say all over again – afterall, I married the Best Man In the World!

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