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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Desayuno con los Abuelos

Before Sofía was born, mi esposo and I talked about how we both felt that it was important for Sofía to spend time with her grandparents.  We both have special memories of much time that each of us spent with our respective abuelos.  Although both sets of Sofía’s abuelos don’t live in the area, we do have the support of at least one side, Sofía’s paternal grandparents.  So we asked mi esposo’s mother to come twice a week to spend some time with her.  It gives me a break to run errands etc…but more importantly, it gives Sofía and her abuela time to bond.  La abuela continues to come once or twice a week to play with her nieta.  Once we realized that Sofía wasn’t getting enough time with her abuelo (her ONLY abuelo since mi padre passed away six years ago) we started inviting them over for breakfast on Sunday mornings.  It has been a great tradition for all of us. 

Sometimes we make it fancy, sometimes we make panqueques or breakfast pasteles, and sometimes we just eat cereal!  It really isn’t the food that matters too much (ok, el café does matter!)  but the fact that we spend it together.  We really have enjoyed our nueva tradición and although sometimes I would like to just hang out in my pijamas en silencio…..I know how much Sofía loves her Desayunos los Domingos con los abuelos---she asks for it every Saturday night! 

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