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Saturday, February 4, 2012

La Fiesta de Hello Kitty

Lately I seem to be slipping with my daughter’s cumpleaños and fiesta fotos.  I forgot to take fotos of her party!  Last year, I was so meticulous about it and this year…..it completely slipped my mind!  So I was able to salvage a few shots of a few things.  This year, our theme was Hello Kitty!  We repeated some of the same things as last year such as the Ground Hog Cupcakes and adult goodie bag with Sofia Godiva Chocolate bars.  Our party favors this year were awesome Hello Kitty lunchboxes.  One Abuela made apple and cheese strudel and the other made Alfajores.  Of course there are no pics of that!  We don’t even have a video this year!  I don’t know where I left my cabeza!  In terms of entertainment, the one thing that we did diferente was to have a water table set up….it was a “splash” with the little tots!  Ha ha! There was LOTS of food!  Yummy, yummy food!  (no fotos of that either!).  Luckily I had asked Sofía’s godfather to take fotos of her blowing out her cake.  We wouldn’t even have a foto of the cake had he not STOPPED me from cutting it first!  So here are our memorias from La Fiesta de Cumpleaños de Sofía!

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