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Friday, February 11, 2011

La Fiesta

Día Siete of our Segundo Cumpleaños Preparación: La Fiesta!So all of our intricate work and obsessive planning paid off and looked like this:

The Goodie Bag Table for our invitados.

The gift table.

Dining room decorations view 1.

Dining room decorations view 2.

Home-made Red Velvet Torta!  Yum! Yum! Deli!

Feliz Cumpleanos sign for the bathroom door...I'm very proud of all the signs being in Espanol!

Buffet station view 1.

Buffet station view 2.  (My husband doesn't allow me to decorate the food station! :(
There was SOMEONE else who enjoyed the decorations as much as I did!

Singing Happy Birthday to Sofia!
Sofía had a LOT of fun with her friends and family. She really understood that it was her birthday and what that meant. She learned how to sing “Happy Birthday” and simulate the blowing out of the candles. (She doesn’t like the lit candles so much.) She also learned to answer questions about her age. Before her birthday, we asked her “¿Cuántos vas a cumplir?” (How old will be you be?) and now we ask, “Cuántos años tienes?” (How old are you?) and she knows how to answer: DOS! Looking back on all the neurosis that went into planning the party….I’m segurisima that we will do it all again next year! If you missed the fiesta...at least you can relive the Singing of "Happy Bitday", as Sofía likes to call it!

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