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Thursday, February 2, 2012

іFeliz Cumpleaños Sofía!

Sofía turned tres años today!  We still can’t get over it!  She used to be this little tiny cosita that my esposo held in one arm from his hand to his elbow and now she is soooo tall that she is off the charts!  (Literally she is off the charts!)
We went to a restaurante a few days before her birthday and celebrated there.  The waiters all came out and sang to her with a HUGE piece of torta.  Sofía isn’t sure how to handle certain types of attention and when the singing came as a surprise….this is what her reaction was! 

We actually had a small gathering today at our house with the dos abuelas and cake and helado.  I accidently erased those precious fotos.  I’m soo bummed but I suppose I can reenact it with our little famila next week…so maybe not so big of a deal!  Our big Hello Kitty Fiesta is this weekend!

іFeliz Cumpleaños Gatita!

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