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Monday, February 20, 2012

Angelina Ballerina

Sofía, the performer, has shown a great amor for bailar, cantar, and performing for people.  She told me that she wants to take clases de ballet, so I signed her up for the next session of lessons.  Meanwhile, we stumbled across the series Angelina Ballerina.  We love it!  There are so many things about the series that I love….the animation, the morals, the appropriate language and gentleness, the music, and the kind way the characters treat one another.  If you aren’t familiar with Angelina Ballerina, she is a gentle little mouse who loves ballet.  There are many You-Tube videos out there in English, but almost nada en Español.  I started to search for videos but without much luck.  After a little research, I ended up calling the company that produces Angelina Ballerina, Hit Entertainment.  I spoke to the first person who answered the phone and told her that I was looking for the DVDs of Angelina Ballerina en Español.  She was SUPER! To make a long story short, she ended contacting someone and getting a list of all the DVDs that have audio en Español.  She then emailed me within the hour with that information!  Can you believe that???  I was super amazed at what great customer service I was provided by an employee of Hit Entertainment that could have just shoved me to the side.  This wasn’t the customer service number….I just called the company directly!  So I placed an order for two DVDs.  I think that what happened was that Amazon just didn’t include all the product information and listed English as the only language track.  Here is one of the few long video clips I can find of Angelina Ballerina en Español on YouTube.  і Disfruten!

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