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Sunday, February 6, 2011


New Age Mama is sponsoring a Give Away via an automated rifa. One lucky person (hopefully me!) will win a Melissa and Doug shopping cart. Sofía LOVES push toys and she LOVES her Little Tykes shopping cart like it is an extension of me. She would be besides herself to have a shopping cart for INSIDE the house as well. Let me set the record straight….she doesn’t NEED one, but she would LOVE one. And if I can win one FREE for her…well just more cool thing to donate to a good charity when she outgrows them!

So in order to enter, I had to do a couple things. One was to write about the giveaway on my blog and the other was to post on New Age Mama’s site what other Melissa and Doug product I would like. We have other Melissa and Doug products and I really like them.  They have really well-made and well-thought out products.  I wrote about the Tiered Special Occasion Cake. Since Sofía and I make cakes all the time, I thought she would like to have one of her own. After thinking it over really hard (I debated about buying her one for her birthday) I came to the conclusion that I would maybe, just MAYBE, like to have it more than her. It looks awesome, doesn’t it?

Foto is courtesy of Melissa and Doug...I hope they don't mind me using it!

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