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Monday, February 7, 2011


Día Cuatro of our Segundo Cumpleaños Preparación: Decoraciones. As I mentioned previously, our tema for the Segundo Cumpleaños fiesta was Mickey Mouse. Really there were just a few Mickey Mouse accents around the place with basic party decoraciones everywhere. There were a few key items that I thought were pretty chevere and wanted to share. In order to set the mood BEFORE even stepping foot in the casa, we made a sign for the puerta principal. It was simple (basically because I didn’t have a whole lot of time to add embellishments, but can later.) If you look closely at the F of “Feliz” you may be able to note where the gato, Fulanito, added his own special touch—with his teeth of course.

The other thing we did was make Groundhog cupcakes (Sofía’s cumpleaños is Febrero 2, el Día de la Marmota) for the little guests to take home with them. This year we got smart and ordered cupcake holders (never knew they existed before!) so that transporting and displaying them were much easier. The cupcake holders were Mickey Mouse of course. This year, my husband made the groundhogs all by himself and they look ¡espectacular!

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