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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Barras de Chocolate

Día Cinco of our Segundo Cumpleaños Preparación: Chocolate. We like to give party favors to our adult guests as well as our little guests. This year I became obsessed with creating a personalized wrapper for a barra de chocolate. I was having a hard time finding the small size of Hershey’s bars with foil wrappers that I had originally wanted. One day my husband came home with the large Godiva Bars with foil wrapping and we were sold. They were really fun to make. 
 I am particularly proud of the código de barras with the numbers of Sofias birth date. Now, I'm thinking how I can make them for a next event. (Don’t tell my husband….he is the one who had to cut and fold all the wrappers!)

So the Niños Grandes at our fiesta got to take home Sofía Vino in little cans and a Sofía barra de chocolate. We liked the combination and hope they did too!

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