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Monday, February 28, 2011

Booooo Mario Brothers!

Our familia went to a fiesta de cumpleaños where the theme was the Mario Brothers. Now I don’t know anything about Mario Brothers, but I knew I would be able to find a little figurine of Mario or someone to put on top of our tiny, personalized, 5 inch, double layer, chocolate cake that we made the birthday boy. When I got to the party and sat down at the table to eat, I studied the decorations. This is what I saw.

I began to ask, “Why is there a bullet on the birthday party decorations?” I was told that it is Bullet Bill and he is a character in the Mario Brothers games etc… “A bullet?, like a REAL bullet?” Yes a bullet. "I'm confused, like a bullet that you know, causes harm, destroys, and kills? On children's PARTY decorations?" Yes a bullet.  (I probably wasn't the most popular person at the party. Oh well.)  I turned the decoration around so that Sofía didn't have to see it. 
I’m disturbed and disappointed. Shouldn’t Four year olds be playing with sand and blocks and maybe watching a little Mickey Mouse here and there?  Shame on whomever it is that makes all that Mario Brothers jazz.
I wish I had put Bambi on top of the cake!

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