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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Día Sies of our Segundo Cumpleaños Preparación: Los Juegos. I tried to find old-fashioned party juegos that our guests could play together, adults and niños, and have fun. So we set up a few things around the house for entertainment. Some of it worked well, some of it not so much. Trial and error I suppose. The things that worked well were:

The Bean Bag Toss

The Fishing Game in a tub of water.  By FAR everyone's favorito!
And the train table of course.  No foto here sorry!
Things that didn’t work as well as I would have liked them to:

The Bowling Game made of cool foam pins and balls with a set up grid.  This was MY favorito!

The Ring Toss.  The little tykes liked to play with the rings!
It might be that these last two didn’t go over as well because they were not located on the same floor as the rest of the fiesta. We set them up in the basement where the kids usually play by themselves. Maybe we’ll have to come up with replacements for next year or just scrap them all together. Vamos a ver.

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