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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Studying about el Espacio

In Octubre we studied about Space since Sofía was going to be an astronauta for Halloween. Not only did we do actividades and art projects about Space, we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum twice.  The first time was to see the rockets, flying machines, and astronauta suits.  Sofía SQUEELED with joy when she saw all the gigantic rockets!  She loved it!

The second time we returned specifically to watch a Sesame Street movie One World, One Sky, about Space in the planetarium.  This movie was espectacular and if you have a chance to visit on a Friday morning, this is a must see for youngsters.  The presentation in the planetarium was amazing and really it is hard to go wrong with Elmo and Big Bird.
There are also many hands-on actividades for niños to experience which of course have to do with space, flying, physics and science.  Although Sofía couldn’t really understand and grasp the entire concepts of what she was playing with…it didn’t matter.  It was fun!

The Smithsonian also offers a few items in the gift shop targeted specifically at girls. 
Hello Kitty just put the icing on the cake for Sofía to like Space study.

And really, Barbie is looking rather cool in her NASA uniform! 
All this Space exploration inspired Sofía to create a Baile de Astronauta!

But the best part of all our Space exploration was yesterday at desayuno.  Sofía looked at me and asked, “Mami, ¿cúando voy a poder viajar al espacio?”(When am I going to be able to travel to outer space?”

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