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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sorting Fun

Preschoolers and toddlers abound love to sort and Sofía is no exception! She is particularly fond of tiny little objects that one wouldn’t normally give a toddler! So together we made her a sorting box that she can take out whenever she wants to. Although the sorting box really need adult supervision, It does provides hours of educational entertainment and allows me a chance to make la cena too because she sits at the table or the island while I prepare.

Our sorting box has a spoon and science tongs for moving the little objects.  Then we have tiny containers filled with squinkies, floral stones, marbles, tabas (jacks), miniature erasures, pom poms,  little round magnents, and acrylic jewels.  We also have a few empty containers, including wide mouth travel bottles, for Sofía to move the objects from one to the other. 

Sofía likes to add her own containers too and to change them up.  The day we took the fotos, she used her toy cooking bowls and pots and pans!  I noticed that she becomes very creative when I give her tools to play with and no directions.  The great things about this activity is that it is not just fun, it is laden with scientific exploration and fine motor-skill development activities. Try it out with your tots and let me know how she or he plays with them!   

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  1. This is a GREAT idea, thanks for sharing!!
    Great to be out in blogging land again...look forward to more connections again soon!