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Friday, October 1, 2010


Finally, Octubre is here! We have been preparing for this day for a while. Sofía and I decorated just a little bit for Halloween. Nothing scary or creepy, but bright cheery cartoonlike happy decorations. We even created a VERY entertaining activity for Sofía in the process. We bought some cutesy Halloween foam stickers that I thought were just going to be stuck on the window for decoration purposes. But Sofía REALLY liked sticking them on the window and taking them off and sticking them on the table. She had a method to what she was doing and she seemed to enjoy running back and forth from window to table. I tried to video tape her new activity, but she LOVES the camera and always wants to touch it. Then I tried doing a “hidden camera” recording which also didn’t work very well. It is very funny though and if I can edit it before she wakes from her nap, then I will post it.

In the meantime, here are some fotos of our happy Octubre make-over.

Calabaza centerpiece with Halloween tablecloth.

Calabaza wall hanging.

The Halloween foam stickers and if you look carefully, you can see Sofía’s hand prints all over the windows!

A Halloween flap book for Sofía.

¡Ah....por fin Octubre!

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