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Thursday, October 14, 2010


We just came back from a week in Miami. My husband’s brother got married, so the three of us made the trip down to enjoy the beach and attend the matrimonio. Sofía was much better on the plane this time; it is amazing what four months and three hours less can do for your plane ride. I still remain adamant that using the FAA approved child restraint seat belt is the way to go instead of the carseat on the plane. Maybe for our NEXT trip, we will have one.
Sofía LOVES exploring hotels. She runs around like a crazy woman, trotting from room to room and squeals with delight. If only the playpen or portable crib were comfortable. We discovered that she still does NOT like the beach (check out that face in the foto below!), but does enjoy the breeze on the beach or on the terrace for that matter.

We also took her to a place called Jungle Island (I DO NOT recommend it to anyone unless you get free tickets and have nothing better to do.) to see some live exotic animals. She liked seeing the animals, all of them except for the parrots that is. She was a bit freaked out by them which may be my fault. As you enter the facilities, they grab you and put you into a foto-shoot pose with parrots and a crocodile. I didn’t know what was going on and before I could protest, there was a huge parrot clawing into my shoulder and I know I made a fuss which upset Sofía and from there on out, the big colored birds were on her creepy list. I hope she isn’t scarred.

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