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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Septiembre 2010 sucks. I’m so glad it is the final day of Septiembre because I’ve already moved on to Octubre. I’ve started to decorate for Halloween because I need a change of scenery and Octubre is one of my favorite months of the year. I’ve been away from blogging for way too long, but I’m going to try to gradually slip back into it.

So for almost 14 weeks I was pregnant, which is why I took a little hiatus from blogging. I was too tired and sick to even post that I would be taking a break because every morning, I had good intentions of blogging and then when Sofía’s nap rolled around, I could barely move my pinky finger. First trimester in the 90° heat and humidity of D.C. is taxing. I was also huge. At a mere 6 weeks, I had people, some I didn’t even know, come up to me and ask me if I was pregnant. Somewhere someone told me that the second pregnancy pops out quickly and I my body took it to an extreme. So we ended up telling our families before the first trimester was over because I just couldn’t hide it anymore. I even made Sofía an awesome little shirt to wear to a family function so that we had a cute way of telling everyone. (See foto below).

Then Septiembre rolled around. It was hell from day 1 to the dwindling hours of today. To make a long story (that I don’t even want to talk about) short, there was something wrong with the baby and he/she ended up not making it. That was two weeks ago. We were devastated and exhausted from the trauma. I recovered fine from the surgery and my poor husband had to do everything because I couldn’t lift anything or drive for a week. Not Sofía, not the gatos, nada. To add insult to injury, I have the body of someone who just had a baby and the hormones too....so I can’t even just put on a pair of “fat pants” and go with it. I still, STILL have to wear maternity clothes. Uuggh. We are supposed to go to my husband’s brother’s wedding next week. I wasn’t going to go because really who wants to face that? But then I came to the realization that my husband shouldn’t have to face that alone either. So I decided to see if I could find a dress to hide the belly….I’ll take looking fat over looking pregnant, hands down, right now. I finally found a dress and took it to get altered today. It should be finished the day before the wedding. The quilt I am making them will not be finished in time however.

As if Septiembre wasn’t sucky enough, my best friend who was pregnant also lost her baby not even two weeks after us. Yesterday at 5PM, Sofía spiked a fever and rash so I called the doctor and when she said to bring her in immediately, I almost started crying. (I’m still VERY hormonal.) She is fine, but is still feeling cruddy and is congested and fevery. As it turns out, Sofía and I may not be going to that wedding anyway….we are going to play it by ear. Sucky Septiembre still continues. My husband took off so much work, that of course he had to say something to his colleagues, so he had to face to face explain to everyone what happened. (I informed people by email because I JUST can’t talk about it.) And to round up the month of suckiness, a colleague of my husband, whom I know, called him from the hospital to tell him that she in fact was pregnant, but was being brought into emergency surgery and they didn’t expect the baby to survive either. How awful that my poor baby has to receive such news AGAIN. Septiembre has definitely SUCKED and I still have eight and a half more hours to endure. But then Septiembre will be OVER and we will be moving on! I have a bunch of backed-up news about Sofía’s language and developmental progress that I can’t wait to share! Tick, tick, tick, tick….it is almost Octubre.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless and keep you all.