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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Target Merrifield y los Pavos para Thanksgiving 2012

Target Managers Bob and Joseph, and Team Member Ahmad help make donating pavos easy!
Every year we donate pavos to the school where I used to work.  They always have families who need a little extra help around the holidays, so the school organizes Thanksgiving baskets filled with pavos and other foods.  Unfortunately every year, the number of families increases. 

We choose to donate to my school (as opposed to other places) because we are helping people we know – it hits home a little harder and makes you open your pockets a little more! (If you are a teacher, you know what I’m saying.  It’s heart-wrenching to see your students come to school day after day knowing that they only eat when school is open.)

In years past, we have had problems getting supermarkets to make a large quantity of pavos available to us and give it to us at the sale price.  Last year, the main offices in Giant wouldn’t help us out AT ALL in making 55 turkeys available to us to buy (at any price!).  On that occasion, our neighborhood Giant Meat Manager personally rounded us up whatever turkeys he could.  For the price we paid, we could have bought 20 turkeys more! 

 This year was different. 

 Target opened up a Super Store in Merrifield. 

 I was nervous when I approached the manager and said that we needed something like 70 turkeys and could we please have your sale price too? I spoke with Joseph P. 

Joseph didn’t blink, didn’t hesitate, and didn’t skip a beat when he answered me. 

“Sure…when do you need them by?”

I’m the one who blinked!  

Joseph worked with another Target Manager, Bob C.   These Target Managers were extremely accommodating.  They were so genuinely pleased to help out the community.  They understood the plight of hungry children and parents struggling to provide.  And they really, really, got that we aren’t a company or an organization buying turkeys to donate….we are just a family who wants to donate 70 turkeys to other families.

As if this wasn’t enough!  When I went to pick up the turkeys, (I had no idea what 70 turkeys would look like), I ended up going alone with Sofía because my husband had just had surgery on his knee.  Joseph and Bob, after much work,  taking each turkey out of its box to weigh and price and pack back up again, hauled them to my car and packed all 70 turkeys in the car!  I kept thanking them profusely and it didn’t even match how much THEY, the Managers at TARGET, were thanking me for helping out the community! 

 Joseph and Bob are personas fantásticas and obviously exemplar employees of the truly super organization, Target!  We will be counting on them for Thanksgiving 2013!

¡Muchas, muchas, muchas y miles de Gracias!


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