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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cocinando con la Abuela

When la Abuela came over to play with Sofía, they decided to cocinar.  Sofía was sooo feliz that she shouted:  ¡Qué emocion!  Voy a cocinar con mi Abuela!  And cocinar they did!  My suegra is an excellent cook and Peruvian food is what she does best.  How I would love to learn to cook some of her traditional Peruvian dishes, but not even mi esposo can replicate them like she does, so I figure that there is not even the slightest ounce of hope on my side!

Maybe the talent is really a recessive gene and skips a generation?  I kept my fingers crossed as Abuela announced that she was going to show Sofía how to make Lomo Saltado!  She also made us una sopa de carne with zanahorias, apio, y papa!

Sofía took her piece of carne and rolled it, kneaded it and finally “cut” it into small pieces using her toddler knife!  It turned into a very educational sensory culinary project!

¡Deli, deli, deli!

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