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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Verano Fun Coverage Restaurante Review #1 Sette Osteria

Verano Fun Coverage
Restaurante Review #1:  Sette Osteria

Mi esposo and I try to go out to eat as a familia once a week.  Usually it is Saturday and until recently had been a last minute, impromptu thing.  Now we try to plan it so that we can save time, money, and go to an interesting new restaurante instead of scrambling to get to the nearest place to pick up whatever. 
As part of my Verano Fun Coverage, we are going to not only eat out every Sábado, but also post a review about the restaurante. 
Our first review is a restaurante called, Sette Osteria. 
When you first approach this Osteria, you may wonder if it is too fancy to be kid friendly.  Don’t let the stylish décor hinder your decision to dine here with your little ones as not only is the food espectacular, but they are more Kid Friendly than McDonalds!   What we ate isn’t as important as our feelings about the restaurante as a whole.  The food was fresh, tasty and clearly prepared by a seasoned chef and staff who take much pride in their art.  Everything about the restaurante was clean and felt new.  Although Sofía doesn’t use a high chair anymore, I did take a peek at a nearby high chair which appeared to actually have been cleaned before (yes I did say cleaned before) the customer used it (and not by the customer either!)  The wait staff was exceptional!  They were not only extremely friendly and professional, but highly knowledgeable about their menu and its origins.  They were very, very, very attentive to us.  We are not an easy crowd.  We have lots of difficult food allergies to work around and we were never made to feel that we were those annoying customers or not taken seriously.  
We usually dine early, so we were able to easily choose our seats out on the patio.  The entire combination—the authentic and well-made Italian fare, the heat, the patio and friendly atmosphere made us feel like we were vacationing again in Italy and enjoying a simple family meal at a local Osteria. 
If you are ever in DC, and whether you have children or not, you definitely want to make a stop at Sette Osteria for savory dishes and exceptional customer service!

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