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Sunday, May 13, 2012

¡Un Poema para El Día de la Madre!

This past week I’ve been posting about the NECTFL conference I attended at the end of Abril.  Yesterday I introduced you to Dr. Eugenia Muñoz, a poet, author, mamá, and Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. I attended Eugenia’s session titled:  A Method of Teaching Literary Reading, Analysis and Interpretation.  We were treated to Eugenia reading one of her beautiful poemas to us.  For me, there is nothing better than an author reading her own work!  It was espectacular and I am honored that I was part of a privileged audience that she chose to share it with! 

It gave me goose bumps, melted my corazón, and brought tears streaming down my face.  For those of you whom do not understand el Español, I’m afraid I can’t even attempt a translation for fear of not doing the poema justice!  But for those of you who can…..¡Disfrútalo y Feliz Día de la Madre!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!
Dr. Eugenia Muñoz


Te vas hoy.
Hoy emprendes solo tu vuelo
hijo mío.

Te vas hoy sin mí.
Desde aquí sigo tu jevenil vuelo
vigoroso, con la mirada confiada
hacia el horizonte sin fin.

Hoy aquí me quedo
recordando que un día
Saliste de mí
frágil, tierno capullito…
Aquí me quedo,
recordando todos los días
de la siembra, el riego
y la esperanza.

Hoy me quedo esperando
que nunca olvides
que aquí, en el nido de mi corazón,
siempre encontrarás
agua fresca y pan tibio
para ti hijo mío.

Photo courtesy of VCU School of World Studies

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