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Friday, April 13, 2012

Clase de Ballet

In a previous post, I mentioned that Sofía LOVES Anelina Bailarina.  So we signed up for Clases de Ballet.  Sofía was sooo emocionada to go to her first Clase de Ballet!  When we got there….she wouldn’t go in without me.  She wouldn’t go in with me watching her from 2 feet away at the window.  She watched the other little bailarinas from outside the class and REALLY wanted to go in….but not without MAMI.  I was really frustrated by this at first.  My thinking was that she is three years old, so she should be ok with attending a class without holding my hand.  Then after I spent the ENTIRE day thinking about it, I came to a conclusion that really put me at peace.  Sofía IS only 3 años.  She doesn’t know the teacher, and she doesn’t know the other girls.  I spend a LOT of time teaching her to NOT go to or talk to people she doesn’t know, so why would she want to go into a room without me?  She IS only 3 años!  Soon enough, she won’t want to go ANYWHERE with mi esposo or me…..so for now, if she doesn’t want to go into a class without me…SO BE IT!  J  The next class, with a little azucar and cariño, Sofía participated in the Clase de Ballet.  I had to stand at the window the entire time where she could turn around at any moment and look at me for reassurance.  Like Celia Cruz said, “іLa Vida es un Carnaval!” and La Clase de Ballet es maravilloso!

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