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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feliz Pascua

іFeliz Pascua!
Although neither mi esposo or I grew up with Easter Egg Hunts or the Conejito de Pascua, we certainly do embrace the tradition in our house.  It seems so neat to me, that I have to join in the festivities!  So EVERY year since mi esposo and I have been together, I always make him hunt for eggs and his basket on Easter morning.  So of course…..while Sofía’s Primas the Trillizas were here…there were lots of Egg Hunters! 

What would a celebration be without celebratory centerpieces?? 

Before our Pascua dinner later in the day, all the familia went outside to search for más eggs!

Hmmm....El Conejito de Pascua doesn't always give chocolate?
Pero como normal……it seemed like Sofía’s favorite part was el postre!

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