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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Mami AND HER FRIENDS are Language Nerdos!

If Sofía could write and verbalize everything she was thinking, I would have my hands full. This is one example of what she would write:

I thought it was just my Mami who was a Language Nerdo. As it turns out…so are her amigas. The other day I was talking about something important like going to the park and I could tell that she wasn’t listening to me because her eyes glazed over. Then later, she called her friend who I thought was normal, but turns out to be another Language Nerdo. I don’t really know what in the world Mami was talking about but I did hear her tell her amiga how thrilled she was because I used the SUBJUNCTIVE properly. And the crazy thing is that her amiga understood and thought it was awesome too. I heard Mami say something about how other people get excited when their kids take their first steps and that she gets excited about the SUBJUNCTIVE. Then she told her amiga that I used the word, “Escarapela” and that she was really amazed at how my vocabulary flourishes. I mean, really, how does she expect me to identify the escarapela if I don’t say it! I don’t know what it all means….but it must be good to those crazy Language Nerdos!

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