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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Tinker Bell
Foto Credit:  Disney-Clipart.com
Sofía’s latest movie obsession is Campanita.  We discovered the movie on Youtube, probably by accident and she became so hooked that we actually made the purchase of the DVD.  I never knew who Campanita was before I met my husband (whose first word, I think, was "Disney"), but now I feel like una especialista in Tinkerology!  What we learned linguistically about Campanita is fascinating to me, the Language Nerdo.  We use the word, Campanita, but on Youtube, Sofía found a version of the película from España.  They don’t call her Campanita, but Campanilla.  What is even more interesting is the addition of the DVD.  The DVD uses Español from México.  They call her Tinkerbel! (Say it like Antonio Banderas!)  Sofía noticed the diferencias of course and asked about them.  I explained them to her and she decided that she liked to listen to the versión Española the best.  She uses the word Campanita and will watch the versión Méxicana, but sometimes she won’t!  ¡Increíble!

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