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Saturday, December 25, 2010

¡Feliz Navidad!

Every year at Navidad or Weihnachten, my grandmother used to ask about our Árbol de Navidad, want to come and see ours as well as invite us to see hers. It wasn’t like we weren’t going to see each other during the month of December, but it was always something that she wanted to make sure she got to do. When I started to live out of town and she couldn’t come and see the Árbol de Navidad, I started taking fotos of the Árbol de Navidad for her. I may not have pictures of everyone at Navidad, but I always, always, always have a picture of my Árbol de Navidad!

So here is our Navdad en fotos y videos!

El arbol gigante y adornado.

Mami y Sofia abren regalos!

La Abuela Maria, Sofia y Mami.

Papi y Sofia hacen los wafles del desayuno!

Nacho snoops around the regalos!

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  1. FUN!! I see Marnix would love to play at Sofia's - uh, - with Sofia....