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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Árbol de Navidad

Our family always buys a real árbol for Navidad. We have a spot in our house with cathedral ceilings and that is where we place our usually 14 foot árbol. This year we decided to find a Granja de Árboles Navideños to cut our own árbol. We found one a bit far away, but had a great time in the process. The process took the entire day by the way. La abuela came with us and ended up purchasing her own árbol also, so we tied dos freshly cut árboles to our nuevo carro and traipsed back to civilization. Result: a beautiful big fat árbol to call our own, topped with our sore muscles and back aches from dragging los dos over the hills and through the woods to our carro. Guess who ended up doing most of the dragging!!!

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