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Friday, November 26, 2010

Viaje a Thanksgiving

Every year at Thanksgiving, we make the 5 hour viaje to Ohio to visit my family. Last year we learned that a 5 hour viaje with an infant equals 10. Sofía hates the car, so frequent stops are necessary. Now that we have the carro nuevo, the great MiniVan, it does make travel un poquito más cómodo. It only took us between 7 and 8 hours this time. What really helped was the fact that when Sofía cold no longer entertain herself, we could as a last resort, play her favorite DVD of her canciones en Español. This is particularly helpful when it starts to get dark outside or you keep passing the same terrain over and over and over again. How many times can you make seeing a cow or a horse sound interesting to a 22-month-old? The other issue about Sofía during viajes is that she doesn’t sleep. So this foto that I snuck in of her during her only 40 minute snooze is, as MasterCard would say, “Priceless”!

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